Long Term Care... What does our future look like?

On Saturday, September 14, 2019 I was invited to attend a community scholarship awards celebration as in early years and during my community involvement I helped obtained funding from my previous employer to support this great not for profit in Northeast Florida by the name: Friends Of Adult Day Services, Corp. (FOADS). This year was different because it was the last one after 11 years of giving back to the community what the community had helped it give back.

FOADS had decided to close its doors and with that decision its $1,000.00 individual scholarships came to an end; lives of many aging and disabled individuals across Northeast Florida and their family members benefit along the year. More than just the $1,000.00 is a lost our communities will experience because recipients of each scholarship have limited resources; they live on a fixed income and being awarded the $1,000.00 provided relief, being able to attend more days at an adult day center, and their family member to have some peace of mind while at work, knowing they had moments of socialization as every individual wishes to enjoy.

FOADS brought help to the community and impacted positively the lives of so many even those who long passed away. There is a void those who remain on our government LTC program waiting list will experience as the wait could be more than 5 years and for those individuals who FOADS stepped up and assisted as well as their families we know it will not be easy.

Thank you Friends Of Adult Day Services, Corp.; through your vision, help of sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and advocates you changed lives in diverse communities. Now we have to ask ourselves: Who will be the one to pick up where you left off; who will it be? - Solyjang 9-15-2019

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Sol Wynter