Stream Of Services (S.O.S.) by Sol Wynter



Hello, I’m Sol.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, activist, and community health advocate dedicated to inspiring change to better our communities.


Stream of Services’ (S.O.S) mission is to represent the communities it serves.

Whether you are a business, returning citizen, a senior, disabled, a veteran, or a student, we will connect you with the resources and benefits within the community.


We offer multiple services and will refer you to the right professionals

Multicultural Community Engagement Consulting

Professional Interpreters & Translations Services

Employment & Career Recruitment Services

Health & Human Services Education

Business Referral Services

Through collaboration and advocacy we contribute in the shaping of a better tomorrow for everyone!
— Sol Angel Wynter

How I earn trust

With over 15 years of experience in business development & healthcare, I have and continue to connect Fortune 500 companies with not-for-profit organizations to secure funding for vital community programs across Northeast and Central Florida.



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