Sol Angel Wynter

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Sol Angel Wynter

With over 15 years in health and human services with emphasis in social services and face to face interaction in hospitals and community settings, I enjoy working with the underserved, multi-ethnic populations in our communities. Educating and assisting with the government programs benefits explanations help facilitate the determination, self-sufficiency, and the development of communities’ economic growth.

Actively I continue to build relationships while advocating on behalf of individuals and myself for a better collaboration and coordination of efforts.

I am here to assist you understand through personalized explanation of the complex medical terminology your rights and the benefits you or a loved one may be eligible to.

“Do THE RIGHT THING; mirror yoursELF in that other person’s SITUATION”. - sOL angel wynter



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I believe every person I am able to assist on this day is a reflection of who I could have been or tomorrow could or will become, because LIFE happens.



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After exploring careers abroad in import and export I emigrated from Panama Republic to the United States in 1998 and have worked for the past 16 years in the field of Health and Human Services.

Over the last years I have connected communities to over $650,000.00 of funding from Fortune 500 companies to support programs serving seniors, disables, children, and working families to help reduce the health and socio-economic disparities in our neighborhoods.

Recently, I have challenged myself to pursue a CompTIA A+ certification, completed the training, then I obtained my 29 CFR General Industries OSHA - Occupational Health and Safety Administration 30 hours certification and the HAZWOPER 40 training certification.

I blog about volunteer opportunities, social issues, proactive responsibility, and my journey reinventing myself to become more marketable now in my 50’s.

Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

Go Explore The WORLD

I am an explorer by heart, audacious, curious and love learning new things (languages, skills, culture, and more).

It is my hope as we discover the great things in our communities we will gain better understanding how to bridge our differences and be awaken to step out and explore our backyard and then the world.

Here is my invitation to explore my home country, Panama, with its rich history and culture. I assure you it is a great place to visit and unwind.


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I challenge you to learn more about your community and its resources; find ways you can create a change to better the well-being of your neighborhood.

You are the missing piece in the puzzle called LIFE; you are needed to build healthier and better communities. Your knowledge, connections, and your expertise are necessary to help improve fundamental universal human rights such as the access to healthcare, education, employability, safety, and equality for all.

In our hands rest the responsibility of shaping an environment the future generations will be proud to call home.

Get involve, leave a legacy!